If your aluminium door or door lock isn't working as well as it should be, you don't need to panic thinking you'll need a complete new one. These can usually be fixed with some adjustments or maybe just a new lock. We will always aim to repair any door or lock before having to have them replaced. This doesn't just save you time it also saves you a lot of money on something that wasn't necessarily needed in the first place. 

Aluminium doors can become very problematic with age. They become misaligned, the handles start to become stiff, sometimes having to lift the door slightly to shut it or they just won't shut or lock full stop. If any of these signs start to occur get in touch with The Lock Guys today and we will arrange a convenient time to you to come round and get this fixed for you. If the issue is with an external door, and you are unable to lock it, we will get to you the same day you contact us, as your safety is our priority.