All garage doors can be an easy and tempting target for thieves and burglars. Due to their construction, they offer poor protection as standard to break-ins. As with most garages they are tempting because they usually hide away something valuable and a thief tries because he never knows when he may strike it lucky with an expensive car or some high-end tooling.

The Lock Guys provide an excellent service with the very best in lock repair, servicing and garage door lock upgrades for all types of garage door. Our garage door locksmith service covers, padlocks, t-handles, up and overs, traditional wooden garages, converted barns, hasp and staples, mortice locks, deadlocks, euro cylinders, as well as lower end standard style locks.

Some of the most common failures and security problems surrounding garages include:

  • Lock Failure and Lock Jamming.
  • Twisted or Warped Garage Doors.
  • Garage Doors damaged by break-in.
  • Damage from a car strike.
  • Snapped, broken or frayed Lock Cables.
  • Worn Cones.
  • Misalignment.
  • Twisted Roller Brackets.
  • Twisted Arms and Rails.
  • Worn Cable Drums.
  • Worn Hinges.

We can service most kinds of common garage door locks including T-Handles, Euro Cylinder, Lever Handles, ZA, Garador, ERA, Universal, L&F, Marley and many more.

We can also offer lock upgrade advice and also advise you on what to do to secure your property if you have an adjoining door that leads into your property from your garage. 

As with all locks, garage door locks are prone to failure and have the same problems as any other lock, because that’s what they are, standard locks fitted to Garage door handles. Therefore, they should be treated in the same way for security, servicing and upgrading as any other lock fitted on your property but, as with the most security on outbuildings, are often neglected.