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Having a break in and having to deal with your insurance company can be very stressful. The Lock Guys provide a service where we can ensure you make a successful claim, and leave you assured your property is left more secure than before the break in occurred. 

Before you suffer a burglary, The Lock Guys can take steps to ensure you are secure and adhering to your insurance policy by:

  • Checking your physical security corresponds to that of your insurance policies.
  • Checking the security and locks you have fitted complies with your insurance policy.
  • Giving you free advice on home security and burglary prevention.
  • Carrying out upgrades to your locks and security and fitting additional security such as window locks.

If you have suffered a burglary The Lock Guys can help you by:

  • Changing all your locks and supplying new keys for existing locks – we always recommend changing locks.
  • Having your broken windows boarded up if it’s out of hours and a glazier is not available.
  • With the best stocked van in the UK we will rarely if ever need to order replacement parts so we are able to repair or replace your damaged locks or security whilst on site.
  • Talk with your insurance provider directly or on your behalf.

Typical UK Home Insurance Requirements

In the UK, there are minimum security requirements laid down in your insurance policy for residential properties. If you have a business, retail, industrial or commercial property then you should refer to your specific policy as the requirements can differ based on the nature of your business.

For a domestic property, the minimum requirements are usually a 5-Lever mortice lock to current British Standards fitted at the correct height. You should also have a nightlatch. If it’s not possible to fit these types of locks then additional security should be fitted to bring your home security up to an equal level.

For UPVC doors and Patio Doors, the requirement is for a high security Multi-Point locking mechanism with multiple hooks and bolts. It’s always good practice to fit a good quality anti-snap high security cylinder to exterior doors. As there are different types of Multi-Point locking mechanisms and not all of them are insurance approved it would be best for The Lock Guys to advise you on whether you meet the requirements of your insurance policy.

If you do not adhere to the conditions of your insurance policy on home security and you suffer a burglary you may find that your policy pays out a reduced payment or you may find that it may not pay out at all.

Window locks are also required by most insurance policies and need to be fitted to specific windows deemed easily accessible. We can provide an audit and recommend locks you can fit to comply with your insurance policy.

For properties such as flats there are legal requirements for the types of locks fitted, if you are a landlord or live in a flat The Lock Guys can advise you on the types of lock to fit.

Never leave your keys laying around or in the locks on the inside of your doors as if an insurance provider is aware of this fact you may suffer a reduced pay-out on a claim. This is because you did not take adequate steps to secure your property by limiting access to your keys.

As with all policies always read the small print, get advice and if you are unsure if your home security is adequate and complies give The Lock Guys a call for a FREE security check.