The Lock Guys are fully authorised dealers of Mul-T-Lock products. Mul-T-Lock (UK) is a leading manufacturer of high security locks and access control systems in the UK and Ireland. Mul-T-Lock products offer a custom, high security solution for both residential and commercial customers.

Mul-T-Lock employs a patented system that only allows certain authorised locksmiths to duplicate your keys. When you have Mul-T-Locks installed on your property you are issued with a credit card format authorisation card. If you try to get your keys duplicated without this card you will be refused the right to do so. This prevents anyone who is unauthorised from ever trying to copy your keys or make duplicates.

As authorised dealers, The Lock Guys are happy to provide you with a FREE quote for having Mul-T-Locks installed on your property and we stock the full range of products. You can visit Mul-T-Lock here for more information

With Mul-T-Lock products fitted to your property, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are protected from intruders trying to use techniques such as lock bumping to gain entry and that you have the very best in lock technology being installed on your home or business. Mul-T-Lock also offers master key suites and other great security products that only certain people are given access to, those that are authorised to have the information.

Mul-T-Lock’s are high security locks designed to protect against any sort of lock manipulation. Mul-T-Lock products have in built mechanisms including stainless steel mushroom pins, split pins, anti-picking pin sets and enhanced anti-drill pins for superb security. Here at The Lock Guys we also offer Key Alike systems so you can have all your Mul-T-Locks working off of just one key.





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