Multi Point Locking Systems are an excellent security measure. These types of locks come in many different levels of security, with many different locking types. These come in the form of Rollers, Hooks, Pins, Latches and Bolts. With a number of different combinations of these locking mechanisms you get different levels of security. The more Hooks, Pins and Bolts you have the more secure your door will be. 

As these locking systems have so many components they need regular servicing to keep them working correctly and smoothly. If you find your handles are becoming harder to lift, your doors are becoming harder to lock or they won't lock at all, you need to give The Lock Guys a call to come round and repair these issues before they get so bad that the whole Multi Point Locking System needs replacing. Getting these issues seen to before they get worse can save you a lot of money and time, and with regular services going forward your Multi Point Locking System should stay the same as it was when it was first installed.