If you have Patio Doors or French Doors you may find that over time the lock becomes increasingly more difficult to operate due to general wear and tear. This is usually a sign that either the doors may need realignment due to them dropping, the lock mechanism needs a service, the gears in the multi point locking system may have broken, the lock cylinder needs repairing/replacing or your handles may be broken.

Replacing patio doors can be very expensive, usually upwards of over £1000. But with regular services from The Lock Guys you will avoid these heavy costs of replacing them. We will always aim to repair any issues you have with your patio doors, unlike most double-glazing companies that will tend to shy away from carrying out any repairs on patio doors as they would rather replace them at a much higher expense to the customer and will usually only offer replacement, rather than repair. They work in an industry with tight profit margins and therefore do not generally have the experience or the equipment required to repair your patio doors or door locks.


  • Additional Patio Door Security Fitted.
  • Additional Patio Door Locks Fitted.
  • Patio Door Alignment.
  • Patio Door Handle Upgrades.
  • Patio Door Lock Upgrades.
  • Patio Door Handle Repair.
  • Patio Door Gearboxes Repair and Replacement.
  • Jammed Patio Door Locks.
  • Removing Broken Keys from Patio Door Locks.
  • Repair Patio Door Burglary Damage.

We are available 24/7 for any locksmiths services so don't hesitate to call The Lock Guys for any questions.