Nowadays, UPVC doors are one of the most common types of doors fitted to properties, especially new builds. These doors are great as they come standard with multi-point locking systems. These systems allow your doors to lock at various points up the side of your door and sometimes even at the top and bottom, but with only one single key cylinder. This type of locking mechanism gives high durability towards forced attacks from thieves. The only downside to these types of doors is that even though they have multiple locking points this is only good against forced entry (kicks, barges etc). But against all other forms of entry thieves use (snapping, drilling, pulling, picking etc) they are only as safe as the single lock cylinder. This means, to maximise your property's security, you need to make sure your lock barrel is at least up to British Standards or preferably higher. With these types of multi-point locking systems used together with the correct lock barrel your property will be at a very high security level, giving you that peace of mind. 

The problem these types of doors have is if they are not serviced regularly they can become very problematic. This can be a number of things from misaligned locking systems, dropped doors, broken internal components, stiff handles etc. 

If your locking mechanism is stiff or grating or will not lock at all, it's extremely important to have it checked over. The locking system in these doors is usually gear driven and the gears are usually cast alloy, if there is stiffness and you keep trying to use the lock which is misaligned or broken this can cause the gear teeth to shear off which will lead to the total breakdown of the gear train and will cause you to have a door that cannot be locked. 

Once your door cannot be locked or will not close, this is usually where a customer will call us in a panic. Leaving it this late is usually very expensive and much more so than it would have been if the customer had called us out to adjust the door earlier, or have had regular services on the doors.

We can repair, replace, and upgrade all locks on all UPVC doors, including Euro Cylinder locks with like for like, or upgrading to locks with Anti-Snap, Anti-Bump and Anti-Drilling features.